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Badminton in Kerala with IBA and SN.

The first contact with the parents made me shake as my first job experiences. I was so nervous about talking to all that people who were expecting that much of me. Once the presentation finished, I started receiving their welcome, smiles, hugs, kisses, selfies requests… as if I was a star! When I am just a person who found her destiny through the wonderful way of sports…

Still the best was about to come. Trainings start!

Initially 30 smiley faces divided into 2 batches joined me for the very first time to start enjoying and learning together this wonderful sport: Badminton.

Many of them had never touched a racket before, soms just for fun with Friends or relatives. But some others can play much better than I can! Which was out of the plan! I was just going to teach basic badminton!

So it’s time to Harry up and changing all the program. Day after day, night after night…planing…coaching…planing…coaching…but every second smiling…

It has been an exhausting month. Every day we receipt new players. We ended up with more tan players divided in 4 batches. But improvements are just there. Anyone can drop-in, serving, lifting up, driving, defending…many of them even can smash!! And It doesn’t exist a better reward.

Besides that, I even was that lucky that all of them had nice words to me and lots of love. All of them said they’ll miss me… God knows I will do it too… and very much. Because along my experience I have trained and coached hundreds of children and hundred of persons. Every one different from the rest. Every one unique. But I have never met up people as the population of Kerala, who gives you all and more without expecting anything else than your attention, your advises, and many other just your smile… It has been thanks to this experience that I’ve found how lucky I am. Because I gained a family, an experience, memories… that nothing will ever equal.

Specially dedicated to my players of IBA Chengannur, my boss and his wife, my machanes (the big and the Little one), Dr.H and specially for you, my Indian mum. The one who gave me the most simple things but the ones.

Always yours,

The coach