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Vis in India

My name is Marco Vis. I’m a professional football trainer/coach.

In May 2018 I have visited The Greenfield Stadium (capacity: 55,000) at The Sports Hub in Trivandrum and a primary school in Kannur. Both located in the beautiful state of Kerala - also known as “God’s own country”.

During my stay in Trivandrum at The Sports Hub I have hosted 3 football clinics with kids in different age groups. I have trained the 6 assistant-coaches and the Head Coach.

I have showed them how we organise and prepare training sessions and by teaching the coaches how to create discipline I have tried to make sure that the coach does not lose any time during the training sessions.

We have also organised a masterclass “Coach-the-Coach”. During this masterclass, we have analysed a football match – just like we do in The Netherlands. The coaches had to create their own vision and style of coaching. Which kind of players do they need in order to play the way the want to play? The coaches have learned how they can train their group tactically and which technical abilities do the players need in order to perform the way the coach expects them to. From there on, the coach can improve the tactics.

With the Head Coaches, we have paid some extra attention to developing leadership.

In Kannur, Sport Networking & IW Campus have organised a football summer camp during 5 days, with 2 training sessions per day with 35 kids. Those kids really liked to be trained by professional coaches. Just like a lot of kids from all over the world, they loved the game and were eager and willing to learn.

I discovered that India is a sleeping giant. There are a lot of kids who know everything about football, clubs and players - just like the kids in The Netherlands do. But we have certified coaches and we continuously educate them. All kinds of sports in The Netherlands are very well organised.

Hereby I would like to thank all the coaches, managers and COO from the Sports Hub in Trivandrum, the owners of the IW Campus, especially Sreeji Krishna and Edwin Eekhof (CEO Sport Networking) for this wonderful experience.

I can recommend every certified and professional football coach to join Sport Networking and ask for the possibilities is India.

Kind regards,

Marco Vis

Het leven in China.

Jordy Krabbe in China.